How to Get Perfect Curls Using a Diffuser

A head of wavy hair looks sentimental, exquisite, and voluminous, however as any wavy haired lady can let you know, the upkeep can require a great deal of exertion. Enter: The diffuser, a.k.a. paradise’s blessing to wavy young ladies.

“A diffuser is a blowdryer connection that limits a great deal of the frizz that comes when wavy hair is normally air dried,” clarifies beautician Britt White. “It likewise gives a lift to the twists that may lay level due to your hair’s weight and length.”

Be that as it may, more than anything, “it can help level out twist designs,” says White. “It’s likewise awesome for anybody that has some wave in their hair and needs to get more twist or body to it.” Ready to attempt? Here’s the secret.

Before Drying

Step 1: Twirl a curl.
Keeping in mind the end goal to give each twist your coveted shape, whirl it set up around your finger.

Step 2: Pop your hair into the diffuser.
Lift your hair into the diffuser, then turn it on low. White prescribes measuring it around your hair and pushing it around with your fingers to shape it — no brushes or brushes. “You can utilize a wide-tooth brush before the diffuser,” says White. “I suggest utilizing it in the shower in the wake of applying your conditioner,” however it’s best to skirt the hairbrush while blowdrying.

Step 3: Repeat all over.
Keep utilizing your diffuser everywhere on your hair, dropping your wet twists into the diffuser and drying on low until you have a full head of characterized locks.

The contrast between air drying versus diffuser-drying represents itself with no issue. Simply take a gander at these delightful twist.