Fashion Police Policing the World of Fashion

Do you think celebrities are fashion perfect and they never commit any blunders? If yes, then you should watch Fashion Police.

With fashion are pervade every aspect of life from clothing to accessories and even gadgets and appliances. It has become very hard for someone to tell if a product is fashionable or not. If you want to remain up dates with every bit of news and information from the world of fashion. You need to follow Fashion Police.

It is a television series where experts sit down and discuss about the fashion mistakes commit by celebrities. This series has become very popular among all those who are interested in the happenings in the world of fashion.

People blindly follow the footsteps of their favorite celebrities when it comes to dressing and using fashion accessories. It never occurs to them that their fashion icons can commit a blunder as far as making use of fashionable garments and accessories is concern.

But Fashion Police points out these mistakes and cautions common people not to repeat them. This program is air on El TV where the panelists dissect the dresses worn by celebrities during red carpet events.

They also talk about the fashion trends start Hollywood celebrities. Joan Rivers host this talk show and the panelists were Kelly Osborne, Giuliani Rancic, and George Kotsiopoulos. Rivers was a comedian and she host many red carpet events in her life.  Joan Rivers died in 2014 and she was most popular by Kathy Griffin as the host of this talk show.

Fashion police

After hosting Fashion Police for only 7 episodes, Kathy Griffin also depart, citing her other engagements. El TV announce that this show will back on air from August 2015, show will start with a new host in the form of Melissa Rivers. Melissa is an actor. She is also a television host and daughter of late Joan Rivers.

There are many segments of this hour long talk show that are very popular among the followers. These include

  • 5 must see looks of the week
  • Bitch stole my look
  • Rack report
  • Gotta have it!, Make it stop!
  • Busted
  • Slut cut
  • Guess me from behind

5 must have looks include 5 different attires worn by celebrities during the week that stand out from the rest. Panelists discuss these outfits and five their comments why they were chosen in this list.

Rack reports shows images of celebrities where only their bust line is show and audiences guess the name of the celebrities. Bitch stole my look includes two or more celebrities who wore the same outfit during the week.

Both celebrities are discuss and winner and loser are announce in this section and The winners gets prize from the show. In the segment call bust, celebrities catch wearing the same outfit on two or more different occasions are discuss. Slut cut discusses celebrities who cut short their dresses to reveal more of their flesh.

In guess me from behind, audiences are shown images of celebrities from the backs. They also have to guess their names. During the show, panelists also discuss all the new fashion trends. They also see whether people should follow them or not.

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